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BBQ Party Gimmicks



As summertime approaches, families don’t want to miss the great things in life. One of it is passing the hot summer nights with an enjoyable BBQ party!


It is quite an exciting event. It also serves as a great bonding time for the entire family members as well as close relatives. Here’s how you can create an exciting barbeque party for your family.


Keep in mind about these five ways in creating an exciting BBQ party.


  1. Skip the meat domination idea, go for more food varieties


Don’t limit yourself with just preparing meat for the BBQ party. To let it be more festive and health-friendly, perhaps you can add some fruits and bread over an open fire. Surprise your children by making different bread shapes out of a cookie cutter like animals, letters and other things that they are delighted with. Provide various toppings for the family to enjoy such as onion and cheese to bread and honey or cinnamon to fruit.


  1. Store the foods into foil paper wraps


Meals of different combinations wrapped in foil paper can be a suitable surprise for kids. You can wrap a mix of fish, vegetables, and chicken filled with spices and sauces. Before 20 minutes, the family can enjoy these mouth-watering BBQ meals.


  1. Try grilled salmon or even pizza


Are you tired of plain pork and beef burgers? If you want something new, consider grilled salmon steaks or pizza. If using ketchup makes you sick, you better go with salsa instead. You can do some research online to check on new seasonings and sauces to put on a new exciting taste to your BBQ meals.


  1. How to cook your barbeque properly


For barbecues to be tender and tasty, you need to cook it in a gradual process. Try to look for some recipes that need slow cooking online, and you can find something that will make your mouth water. This is a great moment for you to spend quality time with friends and family.


  1. Let’s play barbeque games!


Creating BBQ games can make your BBQ party more thrilling! Plan out a game called Glutton in which the side dishes like macaroni, mashed potato, cheese and other tasty items are placed as blind items inside a box. Every player needs to pick one and get to eat it together with their BBQ meal. The first to consume the food will be the winner.