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Cleaning Up Barbecue Stains


Barbecues happen outdoors. Sometimes, though, the sauce and the outdoors find their way into the indoors. That’s a problem if you have a carpet because stains on those can be a nuisance to remove. In particular, barbecue sauce stains can be very persistent – especially if you let them linger too long.

Now, first let’s look at the professional option.

You could click here to hire a company that specialises in cleaning carpets. There are benefits and drawbacks to this.

First of all, you’re getting professionals. They know how to clean carpets and have experience with all sorts of stains, so you can feel confident that the situation is well in hand. It also means that the whole thing is getting a professional cleaning, not just an on-the-spot stain removal.

On the other hand, carpet cleaning might be expensive. The cost of one could be out of your price range. There is also the fact that you might be eager to get rid of the stain now. A professional cleaning is on a schedule, so the sauce has time to sit for a while.

The alternative is to go with a DIY solution. You don’t need any expensive product for this. You just need a little time, some effort, and the right homebrew mix.

Your first move is to mix one tablespoon of liquid dishwashing detergent. Yes, the kind you use to wash your dishes. You take these and mix them with two cups of warm water. Increase the number of cups based on the size of the stain, but the one-to-two ratio should work for most carpets.

You’ll want to get rid of any solid chunks. If the sauce had solid bits or got there because barbecued bits of food fell on the carpet, you’ll want to get those out of the way first. If not, they’ll just get in the way of everything else.

From there, grab a white cloth. Make sure it’s clean. Seriously, who cleans a carpet with a dirty cloth?

Sponge the stain using the solution you made earlier. This is going to be your primary tool for cleaning the stain. Use it to blot the liquid parts of the stain until it’s been absorbed.

If you find that the cloth isn’t big enough for the stain, get another one. Remember to mix the solution earlier again, if you’re using a new cloth. Just repeat the process until you’ve removed the liquid components entirely, which can take a while.

If there’s still a stain after you’ve taken out the liquid bits, there’s another solution to mix. Grab one tablespoon of ammonia and a half cup of water. Never mix chlorine bleach, because the fumes that result from this are hazardous.

Using that mixture, you can start sponging what remains. The ammonia should start breaking down the blemish as you dot the carpet area. Be sure to work from the outside and move inward, to avoid causing the stain to spread.

Finally, sponge the area with cold water and blot dry. Use a clean cloth for this. If the drying is taking too long, grab some paper towels, leave them for a bit, and then replace the towels.

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