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Keeping your guest busy


Having a big barbecue in your backyard is good fun and a quick way to have a party, but some days you want to go the extra mile. You want to have a bigger event, a full-scale party that goes the whole nine yards.


An outdoor barbecue is a great way to kick off summer. It’s also fun to just get some great food going, as a way of bonding with family or just spending time during a relaxing weekend. If you’re intent on making it a big affair, you need to keep in mind a few crucial elements.


Of course, good weather is important. If you have an outdoor party, having it raining all day is a good way to kill the mood. You’d have to be crazy to insist on a barbecue in stormy weather.


One of the things that are necessary is a distraction.


You want to have guys like perthphotoboothwa.com.au around. Most older people will be able to talk to each other, but the younger ones might need something to keep their vanity busy while you cook.


Of course, since you’re doing a barbecue, meat has to be on the menu.


For a smoother flow of the party, keep things simple. Having a party lets you enjoy the company of your guests, but you can’t do that if you’re doing fancy recipes. Keep them simple and quick, so you have time to socialise between bouts of preparing the delicious food.


Try to add a few nice twists on your recipes, so things stand out a little. This includes dessert.


Sweets to help cleanse the palate are important. Something nice and cold to contrast the barbecue and the overall weather is a smart move. Ice cream is a popular choice.


Have plenty of drinks!


All that meat and sauce will mean that people need something to wash it all down. Drink also gives them something to keep their taste buds busy between bites or dishes. Plus, when was the last time you had a barbecue without beer or a cocktail to match?


Actually, along the same lines as distractions via photo booth, why not have games?


There’s plenty of games you can play in a yard. These are perfect for family bonding or to give people something to do other than eating and drinking. Keep the game simple and pick ones that don’t take up too much space.


If you have a pool, make the most of it! Make sure it’s clean. Nothing beats the summer heat better than a dip in the pool.


Of course, a good party also involves music.


Now, I’m the sort that goes for Southern soul and classic rock. I know someone who likes their upbeat pop. There’s a whole range of genres out there that will work. Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, maybe some Kenny Loggins as a way to balance things out.


Yes, I know this all sounds like a lot of work. Then again, what good party doesn’t involve preparation and work?